F i e l d   S u r v e y o r s  L i m i t e d,   L o n d o n
F i e l d   S u r v e y o r s  L i m i t e d,   L o n d o n
Field Surveyors
Field Surveyors

Leica Total Stations

3D Contoured modelling

facade elevations

floor plans - as-built 

Leica GPS receivers

topographic surveys

2D topographic plans

3D Contoured models

Leica Laser scanners

measured building survey

LSS Vista modelling 

topography contouring 

Leica Digital Levels

subsidence monitoring

3D geospatial positioning

AVR photo registrations

CAD elevations

We map over multi-levels for plans, sections and elevations 

piling and ground beams

building facade mapping

LIDAR datasets modelling

CAD external site plans

urban, roads, schools, parks, heritage and historic churches

CAD internal building plans 

site drainage patterns

geospatial monitoring

"We use Leica laser scanners, digital levels and total stations to gather data accurately, reliably and efficiently. Digitally relayed, stored and displayed graphically in real-time online if required."

land development - preliminary planning drawings

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