F i e l d   S u r v e y o r s  L i m i t e d,   L o n d o n
F i e l d   S u r v e y o r s  L i m i t e d,   L o n d o n
Field Surveyors
Field Surveyors

measured buildings

Land and Engineering Topographic and Monitoring surveys for contractors, architects and designers.

topographic surveys

We produce 2D or 3D plans from contoured, dtm models of single lots, rural landholdings & transport corridor maps.

digital terrain models

Our CAD team use LSS Vista modelling software maintaining accuracies to produce reliable models for your needs.

subsidence monitoring

We record all 3D geospatial positions and rapidly report our updated values through email and secure to our dedicated online websites.


We map and model over multi-levels to produce plans, sections and elevations to inform redevelopment projects.

CAD plans & sections

From1:200 scale urban planning of buildings, roads, schools, parks, to heritage buildings and historic church plans.

geospatial monitoring

We use modern equipment including laser scanners, digital levels and the Leica TCR 1201 total stations to gather data accurately, reliably and efficiently. Digitally relayed, stored and displayed graphically in real-time online if required.

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